We drive automotive, trucks & buses, and equipment businesses toward a cutting-edge tomorrow with transformative capabilities.

Our product, A365, is a unified, cloud-based software solution running on Microsoft technologies designed to transform existing business processes to uncover new possibilities.

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Ready to scrap those legacy systems and say hello to a solution in the cloud that never grows old? At Annata, we bring modern business applications to the automotive, trucks & buses, and equipment industries to help businesses meet current challenges and take advantage in new opportunities in the market. See how A365 can help your business stay agile, compliant, and ahead of the competition.

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Headquartered in a small village called Vieremä, Finland, Ponsse is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of cut-to-length forest machines. The company was founded in 1970 by forest machine entrepreneur Einari Vidgrén, and it has been a forerunner in cut-to-length logging throughout its history. Today Ponsse has customers across the Nordics, Europe, Asia-Pacific and Americas as well as about 30 dealers globally.

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Drive operational excellence with refined processes, streamlined supply chains, and rich customer experiences to navigate the digitalization fast lane.

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Pioneer progress with transformative capabilities that optimize vehicle management, rental, and service for peak performance and increased profits.


Catalyze seamless asset management, rentals, and maintenance to say goodbye to operational challenges and hello to elevated efficiency.

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"Senior leaderships showcased real strategic knowledge on the future of the vertical"

"When you look at the entire technology stack of the Dynamics-Annata combination, it really is at the edge of technology in terms of cloud, security, services"

"Future business models are changing fast, and our own development couldn’t keep up, we needed someone like Annata

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